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Get High on Whitetails

Kevin Wilson - WCH Sharpshooter Member

Today, the vast majority of deer hunters take to the trees. So popular is this movement that an entire industry has evolved along with a paradigm shift in how hunters approach the deer woods. Despite the effectiveness of tree stands, some ask if this strategy is creating a new generation of unskilled reactive hunters. More to the point, there are pros and cons to hunting from the trees, but in the end, it's hard to deny its effectiveness. Let's take a look at what it means to get high on whitetails.

The Elevation Advantage
Tree stand hunting offers distinct advantages, not the least of which involves displacing us from a deer's direct line-of-sight and smell. Along with technological advancements over the past few decades, the hunting masses have capitalized on high odds for success by adopting tree stands. Arguably the most popular whitetail hunting strategy, North American hunters have advanced stand hunting to levels never seen before. In turn, manufacturers are cashing in on our propensity for taking to the trees, big time!

Despite the positives and yes, even a few negatives, there's no arguing the benefits of today's stands and strategies for using them. Even still, there are skeptics among us who feel that stand hunting facilitates an unfair advantage. Some even go so far as to suggest this movement is nurturing a generation of otherwise unskilled hunters. As we take a closer look at tree stand hunting whitetails, you can decide for yourself. Regardless of personal opinions, it's tough to argue that getting high on whitetails continues to pay big dividends for those who understand when, where, and how to use tree stands.