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This is a story about hunting in Nambia, Africa.  Did you know that World Class Hunting has an Outfitter Member in Namibia? Check out their Profile. Eldoret Hunting Namibia

Hunting Hippos in Namibia

Dwight Van Brunt - Safari Club International

If looks could kill, the mean-mugging woman on the fishing boat would have done for us all right there and then kicked our corpses straight to Hell without a flutter of remorse. As circumstance kindly permitted, we passed close enough to give her a good and proper judging right back. I’ll simply relate that she appeared to be the kind of gal who planted vegetables in a communal garden with hope of earning enough money for another body piercing. Something about her ill-fitting attire and unrefined carriage also suggested she maintained nothing more than a shirttail relationship with soap and possibly razors.